I fall asleep within 10 minutes into the foot reflexology session and I wake up refreshed


The long hours on the computer makes my shoulders stiff. The skillful hands of the therapists help unknot the tension on my shoulders. I feel a load lighter after the session


Whenever I feel tired, I just go to ADEPT Therapy for a foot reflexology session, I have a good rest while my body goes through a rejuvenating session !


ADEPT Therapy makes a difference when it comes to foot reflexology and body massage. It’s in the skills fo the therapists!

Dr Lam

No one pester you to buy package, they just do a good job so that you will come back again!

Mr & Mrs Goh

I go to ADEPT therapy for foot reflexology regularly to help me to sleep well.


I travel a lot, and my body is stiff from the long hauls. I choose ADEPT for a foot reflexology and body massage to recuperate.


If you are looking for a strong massage, I recommend you go to ADEPT Therapy.


I cannot miss my weekly reflexology session with ADEPT. I feel the session has improved my blood circulation and I feel healthy.

Mrs Leong